One Voice’s MD Lisa Vanstone was a guest speaker at the launch of a new partnership between Exeter Chamber of Commerce and the University of Exeter Business School, aimed at enhancing the relationship between the business community and the university.  Lisa shared her story as a new business owner and the benefit she’d received by undertaking the government’s Help to Grow programme, a mini MBA aimed at business leaders looking to develop their business.

The collaboration will include support for SMEs in Exeter, through programmes and courses which will provide employers with the skills and knowledge they require to successfully grow their businesses.

The Help to Grow Business Management programme will be launching in early 2023, offering a wealth of insights and tools to business leaders in Exeter. The partnership is the start of an exciting period for the Chamber, as it matches their commitment to driving business growth in the city.

Richard Marsh, CEO of Exeter Chamber says; “We want to use this partnership to encourage Chamber members to make the most of the amazing services The University of Exeter Business school has to offer them. We are extremely lucky to have a globally recognised business school on our doorstep. Working with a Triple Crown accredited business school will have a huge impact on any business and we are excited to see the results.”

Ciara Eastell, Professor of Practice at Exeter Business School says; “We’re very excited to be launching this partnership with Exeter Chamber encouraging business leaders to access world-class learning right on their doorsteps.”

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