You hear phrases like, “one in a million” all the time, but we’ve found just that in Rowan Greaves, who joined the One Voice team via the government’s Kickstart Scheme.

The Kickstart Scheme provided funding to create new jobs for 16- to 24-year-olds looking for work, and Rowan’s application really excited One Voice.

Rowan has been a huge asset to the One Voice team and always brings a fresh and positive attitude into the office.

Kallum sat down with Rowan to find out more about her, and her time with One Voice.


Kallum: What prompted you to apply via Kickstart? How did you find out about One Voice?

Rowan:  I was originally looking to move to London for a new start and a new job (as it’s my gap year) but eventually decided against it. So, as I was staying down in Exeter, I wanted to search for a creative job I knew that I would really enjoy. I have had a previous general interest in creating content, I thought a job like PR and Marketing would be suitable. So, I searched for a job along those lines and came across One Voice Media.

I don’t regret applying for this job one bit.

K: What’s is been like working through the Kickstart Scheme?
R: It’s been really fun. I’ve had so much support from everyone in the team with my tasks, whether I’m unsure or just need help completing a task, they have all been there for me.

K: Was it easy to apply via Kickstart?
R: Yes, Kickstart was a really simple process to go through – all I had to do was fill in some information and then I had my interview!

K: What’s your role at One Voice? Can you tell me what it involves?
R: I am a PR and Marketing Assistant. I complete a vast variety of tasks; from capturing social media content, to compiling campaign reports. Almost every single day there is something different to do.

K: What’s your favourite part of your role?
R: Whilst the office is a really nice environment to be in, one of my favourite parts of my role is probably when I get to do work out of the office for clients – I enjoy being out and active. This includes, for example, sourcing and collecting products for features and competitions and recording video and taking photos for social media content. Equally, I love learning new information, so the research tasks I complete allow me to do that.

K: I agree – it’s always nice having a mix of different tasks. Task-wise, then, what are you most proud of from working with One Voice? Has there been anything you’ve really wanted to show off?
R: Actually, I think some of my research tasks have been brilliant. I enjoy research, so I like to create really in-depth and extensive project reports. Similarly, some social media posts I have put together, such as for Instagram, I think have been creative and well done (if I do say so myself!)

K: If you could snap your fingers and become an expert in something, what would it be?
R: I think in general; I’d love to be an expert in any kind of career I have in the future. I love to excel, so to go far in my career would be amazing. Be it law (which is what I’ll be reading at Uni) or the great job I’m in now! [come back to?]. On a completely different and random note I would love to be a pro in ice skating.

K: Do you have a hidden talent?
R: Being super sassy

K: What’s your favourite hashtag?
R: #tbt

K: And your fav emoji?
🐘 because I like animals and 🍜 because I like noodles

K: Describe your time with OV in no more than three words…
R: Fun, supportive, exciting.

K: And finally, what’s the greatest thing about working with One Voice?
R: As I said earlier, everyone has been so supportive. Everyone gets on so well, and I wouldn’t change working here with these amazing people for the world!


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