World Book Day is on 3rd March – in preparation we asked our team to recommend some of their favourite books. They came up with quite the list!

Kallum 📕 ‘Love in Colour’ – Bolu Babalola + ‘The Wee Free Men’ – Terry Pratchett.

‘Love in Colour is a selection of love tales from around the world, The Wee Free Men is about tiny Scottish men and witchcraft. Even though both are different in format, they are mythical tales with a heart, full of searching, finding, and love’.

Rowan 📗 ‘Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow’ – Peter Høeg + ‘The Star of Kazan’ – Eva Ibbotson

‘Feeling for Snow is an engaging thriller that keeps you engaged as you don’t know what to expect. It offers a nice insight to Denmark and Greenland culture. Star of Kazan is a lovely read with a creative and descriptive plot – a good read younger people who love to read’.

Katie 📘 ‘The Kite Runner’ – Khaled Hosseini

‘It’s a beautiful book that is captivating from page one. It is a coming-of-age story and tells the story of friends Amir and Hassan growing up in Afghanistan. It’s a gripping, emotional and face-paced story of betrayal and redemption’.

Jen 📙 ‘My Lucky Life in and Out of Show Business’ – Dick Van Dyke

‘It’s a great read and takes you back in time to old Hollywood, gives a behind the scenes look at movie classics such as Mary Poppins and Chitty, Chitty Bang, Bang as well as giving an insight into his long and illustrious career’.

Ally 📕 The Harry Potter – JK Rowling + ‘Beautiful World, Where Are You’ – Sally Rooney

‘If you want my favourite book(s) – then it’s definitely the Harry Potter series! I first read The Philosopher’s Stone when I was 8 and loved every page and every other book that then followed. I definitely wanted to be Hermione!

I’ve also just started reading (about 2 chapters in) Beautiful World, Where Are You’ By Sally Rooney. I love everything that Sally Rooney has written and so far so good with this one too’!

Cathryn 📗 ‘Girl A’ – Abigail Dean

‘I was influenced to read it by someone I follow on Instagram and turned out that it wasn’t my typical chick flick book. It is actually very dark, gripping and emotional, that said it is a great read and would recommend it’.

Rachael 📘 ‘The Midnight Library’ – Matt Haig

‘If you haven’t read this book, I’d recommend you drop everything you’re doing, head to the library and borrow this now! So much of the storyline resonated with me and it was full of laughs, tears, warmth and love’.

Lisa 📗 ‘Brick Lane’ – Monica Ali

‘I’ve finally read Brick Lane – it’s fascinating, thought provoking and funny, with a brilliant cast of characters’.