This week I have been lucky enough to be welcomed into the One Voice Media team as an intern. I have spent the last five days getting involved in a range of projects and spending time with a mix of people in the office. With no task being the same, my week at One Voice has truly immersed me into the PR & Marketing World.
I have learnt so many things this week and have developed my skillset immensely. I think the best way to get across how wonderful this week has been is to break it down, day by day. So, let’s get straight into it…

DAY 1:
I was welcomed into the office on Monday by Mia, who instantly made me feel part of the team and quickly made me feel at ease. Mia gave me an introduction into the company and took me through the current projects that the team are working on. We then dived straight into an upcoming One Voice project for the International Craft & Hobby Fair. After completing some research around this event, I began work on drafting a press release to send off to the client. In the afternoon, I worked on creating social media templates for One Voice’s charity of the year, The Hollow Lane Club.

DAY 2:
On Tuesday I worked with Mia to issue the press release to the client and spent some time reporting on statistics for coverage for the previous Craft Show event. Being able to follow up work from the previous day was incredibly valuable as it allowed me to see the project really come to life, from its initial stages to its finalisation.

DAY 3:
The halfway point! On Wednesday I started my day at an Exeter Chamber ‘Coffee in the City’ event. I worked with Ally to oversee the event; it was great to get a taste of the event management side of One Voice. I then spent some time creating social media drafts and researching influencers for the upcoming Big Screen in the Park event that One Voice are supporting.

DAY 4:
On Thursday I was lucky enough to attend another Exeter Chamber event with Ally. This time it was an event for EXIST Exeter which focussed on the circular economy. As a BSc Geography graduate, I was very excited and interested in hearing all the talks from industry experts. Whilst listening to the talks, I was also capturing the event through videos and photos, which I later compiled together to create a video summary of the day to be uploaded to LinkedIn.
In the afternoon I spent some time with Jen going into Princesshay to pick up some pieces for goodie bags for an event happening in the Shopping Centre that evening. After spending far too long in Lush smelling everything the shelves had to offer us, we put together a great goodie bag!

DAY 5:
So that brings us to today, day 5! Through writing up this blog and reflecting on my week I can truly say that my time at One Voice has been an incredibly worthwhile and invaluable experience. From drafting press releases and creating social media content to attending exciting events and going goodie bag shopping, this past week has truly immersed me into the world of PR & Marketing.
Everyone at One Voice is incredibly passionate about their jobs, which contributes to the enthusiastic and welcoming environment and atmosphere in the office. I would like to thank the One Voice team for welcoming me into the office with open arms this week and allowing me to get involved with exciting projects. I’m walking out of this internship with a deeper understanding of the PR & Marketing industry and where I see myself fitting into it. I am looking forward to using the skills I have learnt and developed throughout my internship as I enter the world of work.

By Katie Lever, University of Exeter Student – Pathways to Marketing programme.