There are plenty of marketing and PR courses out there, for anyone to learn from – people just like our PR and Social Media Assistant Jazz.

She started a Copywriting Course as a way to learn some of the industry before getting a job in the marketing world! After finishing her course recently, she had some interesting takeaways of learning from a course, vs in an agency.

“An online course can give you a great understanding of the parts of agency life you may enjoy – for me I wanted to see if I could change my academic style of writing to one that works for clients (thankfully it did!). Courses are very useful when you’re new to the industry, giving you helpful examples of how to apply your skills best.

However… you just can’t beat the real thing!

Working at One Voice for the last 6 months has shown me how to put the skills I learnt from the course into practice – how you can learn to write great copy, but it has to go alongside plenty of other things to make it a success.

My course got me started, and One Voice got me to where I am.

Saying all of that, I would still start another course now! Why? Well simply put the more we learn, the more knowledge our clients benefit from, and the more we keep up with the fast paced changes in our industry.

I think whether you’re using a course to guide you to a career path, or further your current client work – learning should be a vital goal of any agency, and definitely is here at One Voice.”