I’ve been lucky enough to spend the past week immersed in the world of PR and Marketing at One Voice Media. My time at the agency has flown by and now at the end of the five days I can say I’m walking out with a deeper understanding of the industry as well as new knowledge and experience. The team at One Voice Media have been happy to help with any questions I’ve had, whether that’s been about the job in hand or general career advice. Each team member has made me feel so welcome and has included me endlessly throughout the week.

Over my time here I have been lucky enough to experience several aspects of the job and have always been working on a new task. With no tasks being the same, I have been kept busy and constantly learning something new. Over the week I have been out exploring Exeter, speaking to local businesses to write up articles as well as taking pictures and creating social media posts. Other jobs have included researching new influencers in the area or uploading new events to partner websites. This week has given me a real understanding of the Marketing and PR industry, something which perhaps you don’t learn from just studying the subject.

Everybody in the office is incredibly passionate about their job which has been inspiring to be around. Not once have I felt out of place or not included in general office chat. This week has motivated me to pursue my career in marketing and I am excited to use all the skills I have learnt whilst completing my work experience here.

My week with the company has been more than I could have imagined. I would like to thank the team for letting me join them for the week and I am incredibly grateful for the experience they have given me. I can’t imagine spending my week with a kinder group of talented individuals.

If you are looking to gain valuable experience in PR and marketing, get in touch by emailing info@onevoicemedia.co.uk