Week of Work Experience for Hugh

Hugh enjoys a week at One Voice

Week of Work Experience for Hugh

By Hugh Thomson

17 October 2016

After graduating from university, I spent some time wandering and working abroad but ultimately decided to return to the UK to start a career in marketing and/or PR. Wanting to get some experience in a competitive industry, I got in touch with One Voice to ask if they could help me out. I liked the fact that they did a lot of work with local businesses and were involved with clients’ social media strategy.  

I got to work on the latter when I helped create a social media schedule for Exeter Food Festival. For another task, I used press releases to put together a short article describing the success of the Exeter BID so far this year. I also carried out some research to come up with ways Exeter Chamber of Commerce can celebrate its 125th anniversary next year. I even managed to spend some time out of the office, going along to the launch of the Co-bikes hire scheme in town and interviewing a few key people.

The value of the work experience I did at One Voice goes beyond what I learned from the tasks I was doing. Just being in the office gave me an insight into the day-to-day realities of PR, which I now know can include toddlers and dogs in the office! I’m extremely grateful to all the staff who, despite having plenty of their own work to do, were very friendly and welcoming and gave me valuable words of wisdom. Unfortunately, having started the week being fairly sure I was more interested in marketing than PR, I think I’ve got some thinking to do!

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