My one week work experience with One Voice Media

-Fong Khei Mah

My one week work experience with One Voice Media

By -Fong Khei Mah

07 April 2014

Being a first year student, I was looking for a productive way to spend my Easter holidays enhancing my skills in preparation for the future. The best way I could achieve that is to have some practical experience in the work place. Hence, after a few email enquiries, it lead me to a one week work experience with One Voice Media.


On my first day, I got the opportunity to observe a short interview with Andrew McNeilly, the Guildhall manager, and Helen Scholes with Michael Watson from Stagecoach South West. I also used social media platforms to promote the Extended Shopping Hours event. Being involved of a variety of projects, I realised that research played a great role in every task I did, of which included gathering databases for companies and preparing media coverage reports. It was through these tasks that made me more aware of the community in Exeter.

As it was the last few weeks leading up to the Exeter Festival of South West Food & Drink, my responsibilities covered many aspects around the festival. It involved preparing wristbands to be sent out, proofreading the final draft of the programme booklet, updating websites and promoting it through online publications.

What I enjoyed most was the busy atmosphere in the office as there were always assignments to fill my time with. Nevertheless, the team has been tremendously friendly and encouraging throughout the week.

I am extremely grateful that One Voice took a chance on me despite having limited work experience prior to this. One Voice gave me a brief first-hand experience in the PR and marketing industry which was what I needed as a stepping stone into the working environment.

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