Lucy's One Voice Experience

Lucy enjoys her week work experience at One Voice

Lucy's One Voice Experience

By Lucy Messer-Cornes

20 May 2016

I have just completed an enjoyable and inspiring week of work experience at One Voice. After finishing my final exams at university I decided to explore my interest in the PR and marketing industry. I was pleased to have the fantastic opportunity of a week’s work experience at One Voice as, although I was interested in PR, I was uncertain of what working for a PR agency would involve. As this was my first office experience I was unsure about what the week would entail, however the team were instantly welcoming and answered all my queries.

During my time with the One Voice team I had the chance to undertake an array of tasks which kept me busy the whole week and built on my skills as well as teaching me new ones. These tasks included researching upcoming events to include on websites and promoting them through social media such as Twitter and Facebook. I was especially excited to write a press release as this is something I had never done before. Additionally, I was thrilled to have to chance to assist the photo shoot for West Magazine with Steve Haywood and Kathryn Clarke-McLeod.

My time at One Voice has provided me with an understanding of the organisation that goes into preparing for events and as I was given varied tasks this gave me the chance to work for a diverse range of clients. As every day was different I feel I have acquired a rounded insight into the PR industry, and I am eager to pursue my interest in this area further. The week’s tasks have taught me invaluable experience which will aid me greatly in the future, so I would like to thank the team for all their help and advice.

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