Learn eco-friendly life skills at the Creative Craft Show Manchester

Learn eco-friendly life skills at the Creative Craft Show Manchester

By Holly Painter

08 January 2020

This January the Creative Craft Show returns to Manchester with workshops on upcycling and creating fashion and homewares. From upcycling lampshades and clothing to creating handmade patterned scarves and macramé, visitors can learn to refresh, reuse and create, reducing the need for waste and ‘buying new’.

From Thursday 30th January to Saturday 1st February, visitors to the Creative Craft Show can learn new skills for life with these top features:

  1. The Greater Manchester-based experts Healey Dell Craft Centre will be at the show running handcraft upcycling workshops. Visitors can learn how to take every day unwanted items and transform them into artistic masterpieces.
  2. Be inspired to make your own silk scarf with Print & Repeat. At the stand, visitors will be able to view a collection of beautiful silk scarves created by students of the renowned textile artist Dionne Swift.
  3. Cocoon & Me will be back at show teaching visitors how to use their arms to knit rather than needles. The results are beautiful chunky knits – perfect for blankets and cushions. This technique is simple for anyone to pick up and keeps the mind occupied as well as working some muscles.
  4. Create plant hangers and wall hangings with Cocoon & Me’s macramé knotting You’ll be guided through the basic knot skills to enable you to create masterpieces at home.
  5. Make your own written motivational artwork through the art of calligraphy with The Modern Calligraphy Company. Choose either a nib or brush workshop and learn the basics of calligraphy including how to form letters and blend colours.

Jane Bolsover, Creative Craft Show head of features, said: “Skills such as upcycling enable us to interrupt our throw-away culture by creating new from old, sometimes with a few simple modifications. Likewise, making our own homewares and fashion means we know how something has been produced while being able to enjoy the mindful benefits of creating it ourselves. We’d love to see these skills being passed through generations; it’s never been more important.”   

Alongside these features and workshops, crafters can update their supplies with the latest materials whilst being inspired by new ideas and techniques from the experts.

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