Laura's week at One Voice Media

Laura's week at One Voice Media

01 July 2019

Laura is a second-year English student at the University of Exeter who completed a week-long internship with One Voice as part of the university’s Professional Pathways scheme.

"From first stepping into the office, I’ve been surrounded by friendly faces, the buzz of office life and a wealth of PR experience to absorb and learn from. Not only do the One Voice team combine years of expertise in their field and lots of entertaining PR anecdotes, their office has a really positive, motivational atmosphere and they’re such a family, so supportive and encouraging of one another.

So, what have they had me doing? I really feel like I’ve dipped a toe in lots of the little ponds that make up what can be a diverse, rapidly changing and varied career. Naturally, as the intern, I’ve taken a few of the administrative, nuisance jobs that are crucial to something like a PR event taking place off people’s hands. However, no two days have been the same. The team have had me out in Exeter, taking pictures, chatting to independent business owners as research for social media posts, taking photos for Instagram and delivering publicity content to different businesses. Although a lot of time has also been spent sat at a desk like any other 9-5 office job, even this has come with a varied task list.

I’ve been working on projects covering a number of clients, but particularly Princesshay, InExeter and ICHF which themselves are connected with lots of different businesses and events. I’ve written copy for this week’s ‘#meetheface’ on the InExeter Instagram, based on my visit to Phillipa in her shop ‘Mantis’ on Gandy Street. I’ve scanned the papers for press coverage. I’ve written a couple of articles for the website about some of the independent businesses in Exeter. I’ve researched bloggers in the Devon area to collate a guest list and sent invites out for the upcoming VIP Princesshay event, launching Wimbledon and the Princesshay summer events schedule. I’ve phoned big businesses in Birmingham as part of a promotional deal for the Creative Craft Show happening there this weekend. I got to attend an event launching a big competition to promote some of the wonderful independent businesses Exeter has to offer, featuring some of my favourites such as Chococo and South Street Standard, and with the bonus of free tasters! It’s been such a packed week, but I’ve loved every minute. Of course, the cups of tea, chat amongst the team and odd office treat has helped keep the energy and enthusiasm up.

In all, my week at One Voice has been more than I could have hoped. Not only have I experienced first-hand what it can be like working in a PR agency, I’ve got to know some really lovely women who are incredibly talented at what they do. It’s been a pleasure to hear about their careers and I only hope I can take on board all that I’ve learned from them."

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