India's week at One Voice Media

India's week at One Voice Media

26 July 2019

"I spent some time with One Voice Media when I was in-between jobs and wanted to pump up my CV with more marketing experience. I was fortunately able to spend a week with them and see what a typical day was like for a marketing agency and what I learned is that there is no typical day for this agency.

Every day was different and I got to do a variety of tasks both in and out of the office, which was incredibly interesting. The staff were both friendly and welcoming and I found myself joking along with them from the first day.

The tasks I was given were as varied as the days themselves. I experienced the more administrative side of the business with filling in spreadsheets, adding upcoming events on Facebook and partner websites. But then I got to go out of the office and help interview independent shop store owners, get creative and write a variety of social media posts and articles for their varying clients and take part in a new client brainstorm.

It felt great to be in a room surrounded by such passionate, innovative and inspiring women who helped motivate me and guide me when things got a bit confusing. I can’t thank them enough for allowing me to get an insight into their busy business."

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